Filter wpda_column_default

A filter named wpda_column_default was added to influence the layout of list table columns. The filter is not called on the first column to prevent links not being displayed correctly.


function my_column_default(
) {
	if ( '' !== $value ) {
		return $value;

	if ( 'dutch' === $column_name ) {
		return 'NL-' . $item[ $column_name ];
add_filter( 'wpda_column_default' , 'my_column_default' , 10 , 8 );


You can use this filter in combination with action hook wpda_after_list_table to add interactive elements to your list tables.

Function declaration

wpda_column_default( $item, $column_name, $table_name, $schema_name, $wpda_list_columns, $list_number )


Current column value


Associative array containing the column name of all columns in the list table and their value


Column name


Database table name


Database (schema) name


Reference to column list (instance of class WPDA_List_Columns)


Row number in the current list


Calling WPDA_List_table object

Peter Schulz is a lecturer in information technology at the HAN university of applied sciences. He is an experienced programmer with more than 25 years experience in Oracle databases and tools. Peter is the developer of WordPress plugin WP Data Access.

5 Replies to “Filter wpda_column_default”

  1. Hi,

    added the following to my theme functions.php:

    function my_offers_custom_function ($item, $column_name) {
    if (‘reference’ === $column_name) {
    return $item[ $column_name ] . ‘.’;
    add_filter(‘wpda_column_default’, ‘my_offers_custom_function’, 10, 2);

    function my_offers_custom_elements() {
    return “console.log(‘teste’);”;
    add_action( ‘wpda_extend_list_table’, ‘my_offers_custom_elements’);

    But it doesn’t add the ‘.’ to the end of the values in column reference.
    And in the dev tools, doesn’t show the console.log…

    Can you provide some guidance, please? TY

  2. Hi Miguel,

    The description of filter wpda_column_default was outdated. The filter takes 6 arguments. I updated the example and the function declaration. Hope this helps! Sorry…

    Action hook wpda_extend_list_table is just meant to add content, scripts or styles below your list table. I guess it works when you put the console.log in a script tag. Like this:

    function my_offers_custom_elements() {
    return ““;
    add_action( ‘wpda_extend_list_table’, ‘my_offers_custom_elements’ );

    Best regards,

  3. Looks like my script tag was deleted… 🙂 New attempt:

    function my_offers_custom_elements() {
    return “< s c r i p t >console.log(‘teste’);< / s c r i p t >”;

    Don’t forget to remove the spaces and change the quotes and the double quotes…

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