Table ID changed!

The new version allows plugin users to show multiple publications of the same database table on a web page. This also allows you to test your publications directly from the Data Publisher menu.

To offer this functionality the publication ID was added to the ID of the HTML table (to make it unique). A 0 was added for shortcode users who are using the table_name parameter. As such it is still not possible to add multiple HTML tables of the same database table when using shortcode wpdataaccess with the Data Publisher.

Shortcode wpdataaccess can still be used without the Data Publisher, mainly for backward compatibility. But I strongly advise to use the Data Publisher for your publications!


If you have already been using the Data Publisher or shortcode wpdataaccess before and you have style your table, you might need to change your styling. Add the publication id at the end of the table name if you are using the Data Publisher. Add a 0 (zero) at the end of the table name if you are using shortcode wpdataaccess without the Data Publisher.

Peter Schulz is a lecturer in information technology at the HAN university of applied sciences. He is an experienced programmer with more than 25 years experience in Oracle databases and tools. Peter is the developer of WordPress plugin WP Data Access.

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