Filter wpda_wpdataaccess_prepare

Filter wpda_wpdataaccess_prepare allows developers to add their own jQuery DataTable options to a publication. This code is used to initialize a publication.

More information about jQuery DataTables options…

function my_publication_logic( $html, $schema_name, $table_name, $pub_id, $columns, $table_settings ) {
	// Your code goes here...
add_filter( 'wpda_wpdataaccess_prepare', 'my_publication_logic', 10, 6 );


HTML code (may include JavaScript code)


Database schema name (database name)


Database table name


Publication ID


Table columns


Table settings as defined in the Data Explorer

Peter Schulz is a lecturer in information technology at the HAN university of applied sciences. He is an experienced programmer with more than 25 years experience in Oracle databases and tools. Peter is the developer of WordPress plugin WP Data Access.

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