Added freemius library to WP Data Access plugin

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Starting from version 3.5.0, WP Data Access uses the freemius library to bring the plugin to the next level…

What is freemius?

New WP Data Access releases will be available in two version: a free version and a premium version. Freemius is a tool that helps to maintain these different versions. The premium ordering process is completely handled by freemius. Support from the dashboard is available to premium users, as well as free users who have completed the opt-in process.

What changes for me?

Nothing! All features available in previous releases remain available in the free version.

But you can add premium features…

What is in the premium version?

Check this page regularly for new premium features.

Should I opt-in?

If you want to buy the premium version, you must opt-in first. If you plan to use the free version, it’s up to you whether you want to opt-in. You can also opt-in at a later stage. Completing the opt-in process has advantages, like running the premium version for free on a localhost, or activating the premium trial version.

Before you opt-in

Make sure your administration email address is pointing to the right email address before you opt-in. The opt-in process requires an email confirmation.

Premium version = free on localhost

The premium version can be installed for free on localhost installations. This allows developers to use premium features without the need to buy a premium version. You must opt-in on your localhost to activate the free version.

Trial version

A trial premium version is available through menu item account, which is only visible when the opt-in process is completed.


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