Hide Data Explorer Manage link

Restrict table management is a new option available in plugin back-end settings. It allows organizations to remove the Manage link in the Data Explorer for specific admin users. See image below (click to enlarge).

Many plugins require WordPress users to have the administrator role. All admin users are allow to perform administrative actions om database tables and views in WP Data Accesss by default. The restrict table management option is meant to protect users with no database knowledge from performing administrative actions on tables and views.

The configuration above removes the Manage link (show in the image below, click to enlarge) from user admin, while user peterschulz remains access to all administrative actions on tables and views.

Please be aware that user admin (in the example above) has access to the restrict table management optoin and can thus change the value back. This options is meant to help organizations to organize access to table and view management. It is not meant as a solid protection mechanism.

Peter Schulz is a lecturer in information technology at the HAN university of applied sciences. He is an experienced programmer with more than 25 years experience in Oracle databases and tools. Peter is the developer of WordPress plugin WP Data Access.

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