Progressively SHOW MORE demo


Demonstrated features

  • progressively SHOW MORE
  • responsive table
  • default styling

Required skills

  • beginner

Required license

  • free

The SHOW MORE button disables pagination. This reduces resource usage by elimating two count statements which can make searching and sorting much faster, especially with large tables.

IDFirst NameLast NameEmailBirthdateAdded
IDFirst NameLast NameEmailBirthdateAdded

Enabling the SHOW MORE button

The plugin adds pagination to tables by default. To switch from pagination to the SHOW MORE button:

  • Disable checkbox “Allows paging?
  • Add the options below to advanced options

Advanced options used to enable the show more button:

    "serverSide": true,
    "wpda_search_more_info": "_END_ rows selected..."


  • This changes the default info message to: 10 rows selected…
  • For InnoDB tables and views with an estimated row count higher than your actual Max row count, the info message shows a -1 value for the total number of rows. Change the Row count in Table Settings to Show estimated row count to force the plugin to use the estimated row count. Read more…
  • Be careful! With checkbox “Allow paging?” disabled, the plugin loads the whole table at once by default. For large tables this might result in an error. Make sure Table options (advanced) contains the option mentioned above for large tables before you test!


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