Demo shortcode [ wpdadiehard ]

Customer Page

Demonstrates anonymous customer data access
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ID First Name Last Name Email Birthdate Added
1 ClarabelleStehr2019-07-311994-10-05 12:21 am
2 EnriqueLesch2015-08-252015-10-21 7:56 am
3 LamontBatz1982-01-202018-01-05 3:26 pm
4 MilesSipes1972-05-032015-07-19 6:35 pm
5 AnnetteMorissette2006-08-102004-12-24 12:31 am
6 TaniaKoch2006-05-272014-01-12 12:02 pm
7 ElisabethKoepp1991-10-222008-05-12 1:56 pm
8 BridgetteBoyle1978-01-021996-08-09 10:59 am
9 NevaTorphy1970-12-301978-04-13 10:13 pm
10 CamillaLeffler1979-06-042015-10-08 1:30 pm
ID First Name Last Name Email Birthdate Added
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Shortcode arguments used for this (read-only) demo

[wpdadiehard table_name="authors" bulk_actions_enabled="true" search_box_enabled="true" title="Customer Page" subtitle="Demonstrates anonymous customer data access" allow_insert="false" allow_update="false" allow_delete="false" allow_import="false" show_view_link="true" bulk_export_enabled="true"]


Need more control?

Use Data Projects!

4 Replies to “Demo shortcode [ wpdadiehard ]”

  1. Is it possible to make a shortcode for the project on a page in the free version?
    This code works for a single table – [wpdadiehard project_id="1" page_id="1"]
    But this doesn’t work for a project – [wpdadiehard project_id="1"] I get wrong arguments [table_name].

    looking forward to your answer

    1. Hi Ron,

      Shortcode wpdadiahard does not work for projects, only project pages. This shortcode sends a request for each page action, which makes it hard to handle multiple forms simultaneously. Shortcode wpdadataproject uses ajax to communicate with the server and allows to execute a full project with just shortcode.

      Hope this helps,

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