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Dashboards can be used to create, manage and share data widgets. There are five types of data widgets: charts, publications, projects, custom code, and database widgets. Creating a data widget requires admin privileges. Non admin users need to be granted access before they can use dashboards and data widgets.

Data widgets can be shared on dashboards, public pages and external pages. Use the shortcode provided in the share widget panel to share a data widget on a public page. Use the longcode provided in the share widget panel to share a data widget on an external page. Only admin users can share widgets.

All users having access to dashboards will start with the default dashboard. The plugin allows users to add as many data widgets to a dashboard as they like. Every data widget however, adds its own overhead by loading data from the server. To minimize overhead, users can add their own custom dashboards and limit the number of data widgets per dashboard. This increases the readability of a dashboard and decreases resource usage per active dashboard.

The Student Administration System is added to a dashboard in the video tutorial. This project adds a considerable amount of overhead to a server. My advise is to keep the number of such data widgets per dashboard as low as possible, probably even giving it its own dashboard. The plugin can handle the overhead, but can your server handle it?

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