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Dashboard Menus

This features allows admin users to add fully functional list tables and data entry forms for a database table to their own WordPress dashboard menu, as well as the dashboard menu of non admin users. This is the simplest way to create data entry forms.

Menu name

The menu name as it will appear in your menu.

Menu slug

Enter the menu slug of the main page. This is the menu to which your menu item will be added (example: the menu slug of the Data Explorer is wpda).

Roles authorized

Only users having this role will see the menu item. Support the selection of multiple roles.

Non admin users

Although non admin users do not have access to the plugin menu, you can use the plugin menu (menu slug = wpda) to give these users acces to specific tables. Non admin users will see the plugin menu but have access to explicitly granted tables only. They will have no access to other resources of the plugin menu. This option is demonstrated in the video below.

Advanced data entry forms

The Data Projects tool is part of the WP Data Access plugin and allows plugin users to create more sophisticated data entry forms, with support for:

  • Registration forms
  • Master detail forms
  • Lookups
  • Layout control
  • Role management
  • And much more…

» This is a good starting point to learn more about Data Projects

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