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Adding hyperlinks

There are two ways to add a hyperlink to a publication:

  1. Add a hyperlink column
  2. Add a dynamic hyperlink

Hyperlink column

A hyperlink column is a table column which is physically stored in the database. With this type of hyperlink you can add a specific hyperlink to each table row. The plugin generates the necessary features to support hyperlink editing in the data entry form. You can enter a label, url and target. An example could be a link to product specifications on the site of the product supplier.

Inline demo (try column hyperlink)

NameImageIn StockHyperlinkDescription
NameImageIn StockHyperlinkDescription

Dynamic hyperlink

A dynamic hyperlink is generated on the fly. All rows are using the same hyperlink with different arguments. Column arguments can be used to substitute column values on generation.

Before a dynamic hyperlink can be added to a publication it needs to be created in the Data Explorer. Follow the link below to learn how to add a dynamic hyperlink to a database table.

Once a dynamic hyperlink is created, it can be added to a publication. Click on the Select button of your publication in the Data Publisher to add the hyperlink to your publication. That’s all!

Inline demo (try column actions)

ActionsNameImageIn StockDescription
ActionsNameImageIn StockDescription

This example uses the following HTML to create the actions links:

<a href="javascript:alert('Action not implemented for $$product_name$$')" class="dashicons dashicons-plus-alt"></a>
<a href="javascript:alert('Action not implemented for $$product_name$$')" class="dashicons dashicons-dismiss"></a>
<a href="javascript:alert('Action not implemented for $$product_name$$')" class="dashicons dashicons-admin-generic"></a>

Notice that variable $$product_name$$ is substituted with the column value of each row.

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9 Replies to “Adding hyperlinks”

    1. Thank you for reporting Steve! I fixed the broken link . Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if it was possible to change the name of the hyperlink within the popup window, because it has currently “wpda_hyperlink_0” as a label.

    Thank you in advance for your time and answer.


    1. Hi Zerzer,

      That is a bug! While I am typing this message I am uploading version 3.6.5 which contains a fix for this issue. 🙂 You just need to update… 😉

      Thanks for reporting,

  2. Hi Peter,

    Thanks you very much for your work, it is as you say 😉

    Have a good day,


  3. Hello Peter,

    I am a bit novice in this area and I need a bit of help. I cannot figure out how could I attach a dynamic link to an image. Click on the image would bring me to a page of the product I clicked on it’s image. I have my image column set to Image URL

    I cannot send the link to a site because I am still on localhost.

    Thank you for your answer and have a nice day,


    1. Hi Igor,

      You can use a dynamic hyperlink. In your case you need to write a kind of HTML template in the HTML field. This could for example be something like:

      <a href=”<your-product-url>/product-$$product_id$$.php”><img src=”<your-image-url>/product-$$product_id$$.gif”></a>

      The plugin will substitute $$product_id$$ with the value of column product_id for each row and and image with a hyperlink.

      Here is the documentation for dynamic hyperlinks:

      Does this help Igor?

      THX Peter

      1. Hello Peter,

        Thank you for your quick reply- I even couldn’t see it on the same day for I had to dedicate my time to some other work

        I succeded to make a dynamic link for a picture. I made it like that (this is not exactly the end of job but it’s one step)

        Interesting – the dynamic link didn’t do the work when I inserted a link to the picture, like this:

        where in a database I have exactly the same link for example:


        I’m also sending dropbox links for two pictures perhaps they will enlighten if I my words were clumsy.



        Now I have to prepare a file to accept the id ($$codigo$$) of product

        Thank you very much for your help!

        Have a nice day,


        1. Hi Igor,

          You should be able to use a column value for your links and pictures both. The plugin just substitutes the placeholders. What values are stored in column imagem-id-link?


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