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SEO friendly data tables

he first page only. Search engines do not follow interactive pagination buttons. Additional links are required to index additional pages. With WP Data Access you can index all your pages, even for large tables that require server-side processing.

Add the following option to the advanced settings section of your publication to enable SEO friendly links to your data table:

	"wpda_seo_links": {
		"link_previous": "<<< Previous page",
		"link_next": "Next page >>>"

Please replace the link labels to fit needs. You can also add HTML to display icons or images.

After adding the SEO links to your publication: open the page that shows the publication and add /pg/1/ to the end of the URL. A link to page two will be shown below your table. When you click on it you are navigated to the next page and so on. This allows search engines to follow all your pages and index your whole table content over time.


> Follow this link to see how SEO links are added to the bottom of the table

> Follow this link to view the same table without SEO links


  • Do not hide SEO links! This can have a negative impact on your ranking.
  • SEO links can coexist with pagination buttons.
  • Pressing a SEO link results in a page refresh. Pressing a pagination button does not refresh the page.
  • If you get a 404 error when you add /pg/1/ to your URL: go to settings > permalinks and press the Save Changes button.
  • Add “display”: “inline” to the wpda_seo_links option to completely replace the pagination buttons with the SEO links.
  • This features requires a premium license.
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