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Styling publications

WP Data Access supports four ways to style publications:

  1. Code Manager styling (free)
  2. Manual styling (free)
  3. Premium styling (premium) (read more…)
  4. Global styling (premium) (read more…)
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4 Replies to “Styling publications”

  1. Hi
    I am very happy with the ease of implementation of WP Data Access – certainly in comparison with my previous db manager. I’m currently setting it up for a small charity (not yet live) and it has been very easy and intuitive. I’ve hit one stumbling block which is I can’t seem to download SQL code to import into code manager. I select the ones I want and hit download but I keep getting almost completely empty files:

    — Code Manager table export
    — Code IDs are not exported. New IDs are generated on import.

    I guess I’m doing something wrong but can’t think what – probably something obvious. So any suggestions?
    Many thanks and keep up the good work (excellent video btw, very easy to follow)
    Mike Creighton

    1. Hi Mike,

      That was a bug! I fixed it right away.

      Thank you for reporting! 🙂

  2. ok !!!

    But… what about format numbers (commas, decimals, negatives, etc…)?

    6168068.465546 —> 6,168,068.46
    -16.654 —> 16.65%
    4990.00 –> $4,990.0
    6168068.465546 —> 6,168 k


    1. Hi Jonas,

      I don’t think you can do this with CSS. But you can do it with JavaScript:
      – Open advanced settings
      – Add option rowCallback

      Here is an example which adds a $ in front of each column with 1:
      { "rowCallback": "function(row, data, index) { jQuery(row).find('td:eq(1)').text('$ ' + data[1]) }" }

      Advanced settings and options are explained here:

      The rowCallback option is explained here:

      Hope this helps,

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