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URL parameters

To add a filter on a specific table column you can add an URL argument to your request that follows the following name convention:


Only GET requests are supported for publications!


<input name="wpda_search_column_first_name" type="text" value="Sacha" />

Adds condition

first_name = 'Sacha'

Wilcards are supported in URL parameters as well


IN conditions

Use arrays to filter a column on multiple values (allows wildcard usage as well). For example:


Adds condition

first_name = 'Sacha' OR first_name = 'Peter'

OR conditions

Use parameter wpda_search_column_operator to compare using OR instead of AND. The plugin uses AND by default.

Example AND (default)


Adds condition

first_name = 'Sacha' AND last_name = 'Peter'

Example OR


Adds condition

first_name = 'Sacha' OR last_name = 'Peter'

It is currently not possible to combine AND and OR conditions with URL parameters.

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