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  1. Hi,
    it is possible to publish a query instead of the entire table?
    I want to show in the linked page anly the events in program, as shown by this query:
    SELECT *
    FROM `Eventi`
    WHERE `Dal` >= NOW( )

    Can you help me?


  2. Hi Silvio,

    Adding a where clause to a publication is not yet supported but it is on my to do list.

    But…you can achieve the same result with a view. You just need to create a view for your query, give access rights to that view in the Front-end Settings and use the view in the Data Publisher in the same way as you would use table Eventi.

    Hope this helps…

    Best regards,

  3. Hello,
    I am probably in the wrong place. I am totally ignorant about how to manage a database and I have a problem:
    I do manage an LMS with Learndash ( ) to teach Driver’s Education for teens. I do have over 1200 students. many are not active anymore (they are usually active from 3 days to one year-
    They do have to follow 10 lessons for30 hrs course and must pass a 50 question exam to be allowed to pass their drivers’ License at the DMV.
    I am doing this for the last 5 years. the DMV wants us to keep data for 3 years, which represents a lot of data and pages.
    I like to delete everything that is outdated over 3 years and I am very afraid to touch anything. (still learning at 76)
    one of the tables is HUGE. named: learndash_user_activity_meta | Base table | rows: 311194 |increments: 1840614 | MyISAM | 20.99 MB
    Could I use this plugin to delete any data older than 3 years old? and how would I proceed?
    Could it be set up to delete that automatically past a certain date?

    Any guidance would be appreciated!
    Thank you

    1. Hi Pierjean,

      The plugin is not specifically meant to do such a job, but you can. However, be careful! Make a backup before you touch anything…

      STEP 0
      Do you have a backup facility with your provider? If so, use it to create a back before you start.

      STEP 1
      Use WP Data Acces to make a backup of table learndash_user_activity_meta:
      – Start the Data Explorer
      – Find your table
      – Click on Manage link just below that table
      – Click EXPORT (select SQL and disable checkbox “Include table settings (SQL only) “)

      In your case this export might take a few minutes. There is a lot of data to be exported.

      STEP 2
      I would advice not to perform any delete actions directly on your table. Instead I would suggest to create a copy of your table and use that copy for testing:
      – Start the Data Explorer
      – Find your table
      – Click on Manage link just below that table
      – Click COPY (add a name like: learndash_user_activity_meta_TESTING and check checkbox “Copy data”)

      This might take a few minutes again.

      STEP 3
      Create a SQL file, for example: delete_old_students.sql
      You can do this in your the Explorer. Open the SQL file you just created and add:
      delete from learndash_user_activity_meta_TESTING where your-date-column < '2018-01-01'; Make sure the delete statement ends with a semi colon and a new line. So you'll see an empty line below the delete statement. Don't forget to replace your-date-column with column name which is used to identify that the row is over three years old. MOST IMPORTANT: make sure you delete from learndash_user_activity_meta_TESTING!!! Not from learndash_user_activity_meta. You'll do that when you are sure everything is fine. STEP 4 - Start the Data Explorer - Click on button "Import data/Execute script(s)" - Select the SQL you've just created - Click on button "Import file/Execute script(s)" STEP 5 Check table learndash_user_activity_meta_TESTING. Is eveything fine? Are you 100% sure you're not missing any data? If you are missing data, the delete statement is not correct. If you want to try again, drop table learndash_user_activity_meta_TESTING and start again at STEP 2, until you have what you want. It you are a 100% sure everything is fine, you can change the table name in your SQL file and run it against table learndash_user_activity_meta. You'll still have the backups created in STEPS 0 and 1 if anything goes wrong. CLEANUP When you are ready, drop table learndash_user_activity_meta_TESTING: - Start the Data Explorer - Find table learndash_user_activity_meta_TESTING - Click on Manage link just below that table - Click DROP Make a copy of this procedure for next year. You just need to change the date, but you should test anyway. Better safe than sorry! 🙂 Hope this helps! Good luck, Peter

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