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Individual column search

WP Data Access premium allows to an advanced search form to projects and publications with just a few mouse clicks. While global search remains available, search columns are added to support individual column search. To add individual column search to a specific table:

  • Go to the Data Explorer
  • Click on the Manage link of the table
  • Click on tab Settings
  • Click on link Search Settings
  • Enable checkbox “Allow column specific search” (click image to enlarge)

This adds individual column search for all queryable columns to the Data Explorer, publications and projects.

Individual column search in Data Explorer

Works the same for Data Projects!

Individual column search in a publication

Adding listboxes

By default the plugin adds standard input fields to support individual column search (see image above – click to enlarge). For columns having just a few distinct values, the input field can be converted to a listbox. To support a listbox for a specific column, enable the checkbox “Listbox”.

Behind the “Listbox” checkbox is a sigma icon. Click the icon to let the plugin calculate the number of distinct values for that row.

A listbox has the advantage that the user cannot enter a search argument that does not exist. This decreases the change of empty result sets and makes your search engine more efficient.

Listboxes are added to the Data Explorer, publications and projects.


  • Global search and individual column search can be combined.
  • Global search adds an OR condition.
  • Individual column search adds an AND condition.
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