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Add hyperlink to table column

The plugin allows you to add dynamic hyperlink support to specific database columns. The plugin will treat these columns as hyperlinks everywhere throughout the plugin, including list tables, data entry forms, Data Publisher pages and Data Project pages.

How to define media columns

  • Navigate to: WP Data Access >  Data Explorer > Manage > Settings
  • Click on Column Types
  • Use the listbox to define the hyperlink column
  • Click on Save Table Settings
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5 Replies to “Add hyperlink to table column”

  1. I have done the steps as written above.
    Then I do the following steps:
    – Go to Data Explorer => Explore
    – Click on Edit from a row
    – Click om the chain-icon behind the hyperlink field
    – Fill in a Link text, test url an check the checkbox
    When I Save Changes to Database it says:
    ERROR: Wrong arguments [missing message text argument]

    What can I do to solve this, or what did I do wrong?

  2. Hello Peter,

    I managed to solve it, the datatype is varchar, bit it was just too short (50). Works now.
    Thanks for the great app!!

    Best regards

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