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Add media library to table column

The plugin allows you to assign the WordPress media library screen to specific database columns. The plugin will treat these columns as media columns everywhere throughout the plugin, including list tables, data entry forms, Data Publisher pages and Data Project pages.

How to define media columns

  • Navigate to: WP Data Access >  Data Explorer > Manage > Settings
  • Click on Column Types
  • Use the listbox to define the column media types
  • Click on Save Table Settings

The column is now associated with the WordPress media library throughout the plugin. The WordPress media library will be added to this column for all your:

  • List tables
  • Data entry forms
  • Data Publisher pages
  • Data Project pages


  • The association with the WordPress media library will only work within the plugin!
  • Version 2.5.1 allowed to define media columns in the Data Publisher and Data Projects tools. From version 2.7.0 these settings are no longer available. Please transfer your media columns to your table settings as described above.
  • Data entry for media columns is only available within the WordPress dashboard. Shortcode usage on web pages offers supports for WordPress media columns in list tables only.

Supported types of media columns

  • Image (all image files in the WordPress media library)
  • Attachment (all files in the WordPress media library)

Media type Image

Within list tables as well as data entry forms image columns are converted to their associated media. The plugin reads the associated media data from your WordPress media library and adds the image to your list table or data entry form. Data entry forms also provide the necessary functionality to upload, select and remove images to and from your WordPress media library.

Media type Attachment

Attachment columns are handled like image columns. An attachment however is shown as a link to the associated file.

Multiple and single media columns

The plugin supports multiple as well as single media columns:

  • NUMBER columns are handled as single media columns
  • VARCHAR columns are handled as multiple media columns

Single media columns can only save only one media id. Multiple media columns can save as many media id’s as you like. The width of your char column determines the maximum number of id’s that can be stored. Make sure your column is wide enough!

Column format examples

  • column “bike_photo bigint(20) unsigned” can store one image or attachment
  • column “bike_attachments varchar(200)” can store multiple images or attachments untill there is no more space left

Need more media types?

Let me know if you need additional media columns to handle specific situations. I’ll be glad to add them.

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