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Dynamic Hyperlinks

A dynamic hyperlink is a computed column generated on the fly. Column variables can be added to a hyperlink and are substituted on generation. Allows to add custom HTML (see icons in example below – click to enlarge).

Adding dynamic hyperlinks

Hyperlink Label

Column label in a list or on a form.


Enable if hyperlink should be shown in lists.


Enable if hyperlink should be shown in forms.


Enable if hyperlink should be opened in a new tab or window.


Add a URL(like https://your-domain/) or add your own HTML including one or more hyperlinks. If you just add a URL, the plugin will use the Hyperlink Label and +Windows? settings. Otherwise the plugin uses your HTML code.

Add your own HTML if you want to:

  • add multiple hyperlinks in one column
  • use icons in your hyperlinks instead of the label text
  • your own HTML to this column
  • Links are added to the end of the table or view in the Data Explorer and Data Projects
  • Links can be added on any position in the Data Publisher
Column Value Substitution

To use column values in a hyperlink simply add the column name between $$ to your URL or HTML. In the example below the variable $$id$$ is substituted with the value for column id. Column id must be a column of the table for which the hyperlink is created.


Data Publisher

To add a hyperlink to a publication:

  • Edit the publication
  • Click on button “Select”
  • Add your columns and hyperlinks to the list on the right side
  • Save your publication

#macro if-then-else

Use #macro-if-then-else to add conditions to your dynamic hyperlinks. The following example shows only hyperlinks for sneakers:

#macro if "$$product_name$$" == "Sneakers"
  <a href="$$product_image$$">$$product_name$$</a>
#macro end if

The plugin also supports nested macros (see examples).

Examples of dynamic hyperlinks


Adds hyperlink https://your-domain/service.php?id=123 if id = 123

<a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="if (confirm('Search Google?')) { window.location.href='$$first_name$$+$$last_name$$'; }" target="_blank">Search Google for $$first_name$$ $$last_name$$</a>

Adds a hyperlinks which asks for confirmation and then opens a Google search with first name and last name in a new tab or window.

#macro if "$$product_image$$" != ""
  #macro if "$$product_name$$" == "Sneakers"
    <a href="$$product_image$$">$$product_name$$</a>
  #macro else
  #macro end if
#macro else
  <a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="alert('This item is currently not available')">N.A.</a>
#macro end if

A nested if-then-else macro is used to show information depending on the column values. This can be combined with other options.

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