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Export table settings

If you want to transfer tables from one WordPress installation to another, you can include the settings of these tables as well.

To export a table and its settings follow these steps on the source machine:

  • Navigate to: WP Data Access > Data Explorer
  • Find your table
  • Click on link Manage
  • After the EXPORT button select SQL or SQL (add WP prefix) from the listbox
  • Enable the checkboxes: Column labelsMedia columns and Table menus
  • Click in button EXPORT

Follow these steps on the target machine:

  • Navigate to: WP Data Access > Data Explorer
  • Click on button Import data/Execute script(s)
  • Select your export file (created in the source machine)
  • Click on button Import file/Execute script(s)

The table and its settings are imported.


  • Table settings on the target machine are overwritten. There is no “keep latest” mechanism or alike.
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