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Import CSV file

  1. Upload CSV file
  2. Perform column mapping
  3. Import CSV file

Use reload to import an updated CSV file.

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7 Replies to “Import CSV file”

    1. Hi Tristan,

      The plugin does not support SQL UPDATE, but it could be a feature! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Any ideas on how to use SQL UPDATE? Does your CSV already have a primary key column you want to use? Or do you want to let the plugin create a unique id on import? You would need to export your data to CSV and update that export file.

      I’m interested in your workflow…

      Best regards,

  1. Is there a limit on the number of rows that get processed when importing csv files to a table? I keep getting to around 38,000 and then it stops. I am trying to import user connections to product testing campaigns, so our csv is around 250,000 rows in length

    1. There is no hard limit on the file size or number of rows. What message do you get?

      I’m interested in such a huge import! Would it be possible to sent me your file and table script? You can use the contactform for my private email address.


  2. I’m trying to import a csv file into a managed table – NOT in the main wordpress db but in another local db that wordpress has access to but when I get to the column mapping page, only the tables in the main wp database are listed in the target destination table field.

    Can this be done? Or am I barking up the wrong tree.
    The target table to fully accessible in the data explorer tab – I can edit columns and alter the table without any issues so I have the correct permissions.

    I am building a ‘library’ application site so I’d like to keep the tables in a separate database rather than embedding the data into the wp db.



    1. Hi Iain,

      The current version does support csv imports into non WordPress databases very well. The user interface has a number of limitations and problems, reported by several users. The next version allows plugin users to select a combination of a database and table on the mapping page, which solves these issues. I hope to release the next version before the end of this month. Can you wait…?

      Best regards,

      1. Of course I can wait – I just needed to know that I hadn’t missed a simple setting somewhere.
        It is enough to know that it is something that you are looking at.

        I’ll have a look at one of the online csv to sql converters for the moment.
        Thanks for all your hard work on this utility.



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