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Scheduled exports (Data Backup)

Use the Data Backup tool to schedule unattended data exports

  • Navigate to: WP Data Access > Data Explorer > Scheduled Exports (Data Backup)
  • Select the tables you want to export
  • Define a unique backup id
  • Select your backup location (backup to local or dropbox folder)
  • Define a backup interval or select “Run once” for
  • Define the number of backup files you want to keep

Recover a data backup

  • Navigate to the Data Explorer
  • Click on button “Import data/Execute script(s)” at the top of the screen
  • Choose the backup file you want to recover from your local or Dropbox folder
  • Click on button “Import file/Execute script(s)”


  • You need to define and activate at least one storage device in Data Backup Settings to use the Data Backup tool
  • Data backup files can be written to a local folder or a Dropbox folder
  • To write backup files to your Dropbox you must first grant access to the WP Data Access Dropbox app (which does not yet have production status)
  • Exported SQL files can be imported into a WordPress database with a different table prefix. The WordPress table prefix is replaced during export by variable {wp_prefix}, which is replaced by the WordPress table prefix on import. If you want to use another tool for import, disable checkbox “Export with variable WP prefix” in Back-End Settings on the Manage Plugin page. With “Export with variable WP prefix” disabled full table names will be written to the export file.
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