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Quick tour

Build a WordPress app in under an hour

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4 Replies to “Quick tour”

  1. Hi,
    The plugin seems to be amazing. I’m still learning the How-to tutorials.
    In this diapo:
    The “Video tutorials” link in the 5th diapositive is broken!
    Same thing in the 6th diapositive.
    Same thing for the link “here” in the 7th diapositive.

  2. I am amazed. Until now, i have worked with CodeChargeStudio, PHPRunner and Scriptcase, all to produce database/webapps to ‘hang’ in the wordpress environment through a iframe, exchanging user data. This was a far from ideal way to go. I am very curious how far i can get with this plugin! Very hopeful so far.

  3. Import data/Execute script(s) with Data Explorer!
    There is an easy way to convert CSV-file to SQL-file on line:
    Easily convert files into SQL databases
    Upload your Excel file, choose the worksheet with the data, select the cell range, and hit convert. We’ll convert your file into a MySQL script with a table definition and multiple INSERT statements.

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