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Custom Buttons [Premium]

Option wpda_buttons_custom allows plugin users to add multiple custom buttons their publications.


	"wpda_buttons_custom": [
			"text": "My Function",
			"action": "function ( e, dt, node, config ) { my_function(); }"
			"text": "Print selected rows",
			"extend": "print"
			"text": "Print selected rows and columns",
			"extend": "copy",
			"exportOptions": {
				"columns": ":visible"

Use custom buttons to redefined standard buttons (see print buttons examples) to:

  • Change the button label
  • Change button behaviour

Add your own javascript functions to a custom button (see My Function example). More information about this topic can be found here:

» jQuery DataTables custom buttons

Button labels

Button labels are show in uppercase by default. You can change this in your css.

.dt-button {
    text-transform: inherit;


  • Custom buttons are shown in the order they are added to the custom button array and before standard buttons
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