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Getting started

The Data Publisher allows plugin users to create responsive tables from local and remote databases. Publications can be created with just a few mouse clicks. Customizable styles are available for download for free. Demos and videos are available to help new and experienced users getting their publications up and running. The Data Publisher supports client side processing for small tables and server side processing for large tables (several use cases with over two million rows). Advanced options and javscript support is available for more experienced developers.


Easy to create, highly customizable

Multiple CSS styling solutions

Support for responsive devices

Multiple filter strategies

Individual column search

Full-text search

Google like search (empty table on startup)

SHOW MORE button (no paging to support large tables)

Export to CSV, Excel, PDF, SQL, print and clipboard

Custom buttons (using custom JavaScript)

Advanced settings, including custom JavaScript code

Interactive query builder

Search pane support

Row grouping

Integrated geolocation support

Shortcode [ wpdataaccess ]

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