How to setup and use the Data Publisher

Setup the Data Publisher

  • Make sure the jQuery DataTables and jQuery DataTables Responsive libraries are loaded (Manage Plugin > Data Publisher Settings)
  • Grant access to tables you want to show on your web pages (Manage Plugin > Front-end Settings)
  • You can give non admin users access to the Data Publisher as well (Manage Plugin > Data Publisher Settings)
  • Use shortcode ‘wpdataaccess’ to add your publication to a web page (How to use shortcode ‘wpdataaccess’)

Create a publication

  • Navigate to: WP Data Access > Data Publisher
  • Select a database table (make sure you have granted access)
  • Select columns to be displayed or * to see all (use the select button to select available columns)
  • Select desired output (flat or responsive)
  • Select desired options for responsive output
  • Save publication
  • Test publication

Publish a publication

  • Copy your shortcode (click Show shortcode button)
  • Paste your shortcode into your post or page
  • Publish and test your post or page


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