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Master detail publication

It is possible to combine two publications to create a master detail page. This gives you more flexibility for both, the master and the detail publication. The master publication shows the table with a dynamic hyperlink to the detail page. When the users clicks on the dynamic hyperlink the bike id is used to show the detail publication.

Inline demo

Click on a Show Bike Details hyperlink to see the detail page.

BrandBrand TypeColorShow Bike Details
BrandBrand TypeColorShow Bike Details

Shortcode used for this master page

[wpdataaccess pub_id="7"]

Master publication

Show only the most important columns and add a dynamic hyperlink to the detail publication. Dynamic hyperlink used for this publication:$$bike_id$$

Detail publication

Make sure you select only one row in your dynamic hyperlink! And set the following options in your publication:

Number Of Columns = 1

Type = Expanded

Show Icon = No

Allow ordering? = Disabled

Table options (advanced) =

	"dom": "t",
	"pageLength": 1,
	"initComplete" :"function (oSettings){jQuery('#' + oSettings.sTableId + ' tbody').off();}"


The idea to combine two separate publications into one master|detail publication came from Charles Godwin. Charles is also the author of the alternative WP Data Access search algorithm extension.

Thank you Charles!

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