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Styling publications

» Watch video tutorial

(1) Use the Code Manager to style your publication

The Code Manager is the new way to style publications! Read more about the Code Manager…

The table below demonstrates how the Code Manager can be used to style a publication.

Active styles
  • WP-Data-Access-Data-Publisher-Color-Black
  • WP-Data-Access-Data-Publisher-Display-Wide
  • WP-Data-Access-Data-Publisher-Rounded-Corners-Small
Publication Layout Panel
FirstnameLastnameEmailPhone NoAddressZipcodeCityCountyCountry
FirstnameLastnameEmailPhone NoAddressZipcodeCityCountyCountry

(2) Write your own CSS to style your publications

The Code Manager is the new way to style publications. Writing your own CSS is the old way and still possible.

Video tutorial

The simplest way to style a publication. Develop your styles locally and deploy and share anywhere.

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2 Replies to “Styling publications”

  1. Hi
    I am very happy with the ease of implementation of WP Data Access – certainly in comparison with my previous db manager. I’m currently setting it up for a small charity (not yet live) and it has been very easy and intuitive. I’ve hit one stumbling block which is I can’t seem to download SQL code to import into code manager. I select the ones I want and hit download but I keep getting almost completely empty files:

    — Code Manager table export
    — Code IDs are not exported. New IDs are generated on import.

    I guess I’m doing something wrong but can’t think what – probably something obvious. So any suggestions?
    Many thanks and keep up the good work (excellent video btw, very easy to follow)
    Mike Creighton

    1. Hi Mike,

      That was a bug! I fixed it right away.

      Thank you for reporting! 🙂

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