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Styling publications

WP Data Access supports two levels of styling:

  1. Global styling (applies to all publication on your website)
  2. Publication specific styling (applies to one specific publication)

1. Global styling

Global styling is easy. A global style is added once and used by all publications ensuring a consist layout. You can have only one global style. Combining global styles is not possible. Custom CSS can be added to a global style as described in section publication specific styling..

  • Open your WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Settings > WP Data Access > Data Publisher
  • Select a publication style (see image below – click to enlarge)
  • Save publication settings

The selected default publication style will be applied to all publication on the website.

When jQuery UI is selected as the default publication style, a default jQuery UI theme can be selected to further personalize the publication style:

  • Open your WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Settings > WP Data Access > Front-end
  • Select a jQuery UI theme (see image below – click to enlarge)
  • Save front-end settings

The selected jQuery UI theme will be applied to all publication and Data Forms (premium) on the website.

Publication specific styling – explained in the next section – can be used to add custom CSS to a global style as well. Do NOT use a global style with premium styling.

2. Publication specific styling

Individual publications can be styled in several ways:

  • Premium styling (turn your table into a professional publication)
  • Free styling using the Code Manager
  • Manual styling (write your own CSS)

Premium styling

Premium styling – available for premium users only – allows to create professional publications setting colors, spacing, border radius and modal popup behaviour on mouse click (see image below – click to enlarge).

The following publication uses the premium settings from the images above.

FirstnameLastnameGenderEmailPhone NoCountryCountyCityZipcodeAddress
FirstnameLastnameGenderEmailPhone NoCountryCountyCityZipcodeAddress

Do NOT use a global style with premium styling. The premium version is free on a localhost. A trial version is available for other hosts.

Free styling using the Code Manager

The free Code Manager is a simple and flexible way to style publications for free. The Code Manager can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory. The plugin website contains many free templates that can be used to style publications and projects. Downloaded styles can be modified using the Code Manager.

Learn how to style publications for free with the Code Manager…

Manual styling (write your own CSS)

Writing your own CSS is the old way to style publications and still available. Just add your own CSS to the page containing your publication.

Don’t know how to add custom CSS to your WordPress theme? It’s easy to learn in just a few minutes! Watch the video below…

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2 Replies to “Styling publications”

  1. Hi
    I am very happy with the ease of implementation of WP Data Access – certainly in comparison with my previous db manager. I’m currently setting it up for a small charity (not yet live) and it has been very easy and intuitive. I’ve hit one stumbling block which is I can’t seem to download SQL code to import into code manager. I select the ones I want and hit download but I keep getting almost completely empty files:

    — Code Manager table export
    — Code IDs are not exported. New IDs are generated on import.

    I guess I’m doing something wrong but can’t think what – probably something obvious. So any suggestions?
    Many thanks and keep up the good work (excellent video btw, very easy to follow)
    Mike Creighton

    1. Hi Mike,

      That was a bug! I fixed it right away.

      Thank you for reporting! 🙂

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