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School Administration System

Please follow the video tutorial and read the explanation about user roles to test the different roles in your own WordPress environment.



I cannot import ZIP files

You must have ZipArchive installed to import ZIP files. If you do not have ZipArchive installed you can still import the demo application. In that case you need to import the SQL files which are part of the ZIP files. The SQL files you need to import the demo app are located in sub folder setup of folder wpda_sas. This folder contains two SQL script files: wpda_bas_database.sql and wpda_bas_project.sql. You need to import both files. The order in which you import them does not matter.

How to give users access to your WordPress app

You can use WordPress roles to give users access to your app pages. For this demo I used the standard WordPress roles. It might be wise to create your own (non WordPress) roles for your own WordPress app.

How to test general administrative functionality

If you log in as an administrator, you can administer module, course, teacher and student information.

How to test teacher functionality

Create a new WordPress user named teacher. Give this user the role contributor. Log in as user teacher. The demo app allows teachers to update their profile.

How to test student functionality

Create a new WordPress user named student. Give this user the role subscriber. Log in as user student. The demo app allows students to update their profilea and view their courses and grades.

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2 Replies to “School Administration System

  1. I enjoyed the video and found it quite helpful. However, I need to see the structure of the project by downloading as recommended. I can’t find anyplace from which to download the zip file.

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