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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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2 Replies to “FAQ”

  1. Hey Peter. Impressive work!

    Still reading through all the documentation and watching the videos, What would be the best method to implement forms functionality, where users (teachers, parents, students) can submit forms directly from their wordpress non-admin menu? Is this possible with the Data publisher?

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Sunny,

      Publications are read-only and not the right tool for data entry. Please have a look at Data Projects to create data entry forms.

      There is a demo video of a Student Administration System. It is an old video but it might give you an impression of the possibilities of Data Projects in you context. The video can be found here:

      You can download the SAS demo project as a jump start from here:

      You are free to use it and modify according to your needs. There is no copyright.

      The video shows how the SAS project is used in the WordPress dashboard. If you are interested in a more modern version, you can upgrade to premium and run the same project – without any mopdifications – as an app. Here is a demo of the same project running as an premium app in read-only mode:

      Hope this helps to get you started… 🙂

      Best regards,

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