Known Limitations

  • To support data entry and table bulk actions a table must have a primary key or a unique index.
  • If you add list tables to your web pages, data entry forms return a 404 error for column names that interfere with WordPress parameters (like ‘s’ and ‘name’).
  • Media items are not supported in data entry forms on web pages.
  • On activation the plugin creates a repository. If the plugin is networked activated on a multisite installation a repository is created for every blog. For blogs added later, the repository must be created manually (Manage Plugin > Manage Repository).
  • WP Data Access uses plugin tables which are prefixed with $wpdb->prefix. If you change the WordPress database tables prefix after installing WP DAta Access, you’ll need to change the prefix of the WP Data Access table equally.
  • WP Data Access automatically adds data entry forms to your list tables for data adminstration (unless turned of in the back-end settings). These forms are generic forms with limited abilities. You have to decide for yourself whether the supported functionality is sufficient for your purpose. Developers who want to write their own solutions can add their own forms to list tables or extend the form class provided with WP Data Access.
  • There is a limit on the file size for imports. The maximum file size depends on your installation (more…).
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