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Known limitations

  • Shortcode wpdadiehard does not work on a homepage. Data Forms is a premium feature which does not have these limitations.
  • To support data entry and table bulk actions a table must have a primary key or a unique index.
  • If you add list tables or data entry forms to your web pages, you might get a 404 error for column names that interfere with WordPress, theme or other plugin parameters (like ‘id’, ‘name’, ‘search’, ‘s’, ‘page’, ‘action’, ?). Solution: rename your column. For example: rename column ‘name’ to ‘person_name’.
  • Media items are not supported in data entry forms on web pages.
  • On activation the plugin creates a repository. If the plugin is networked activated on a multisite installation a repository is created for every blog. For blogs added later, the repository must be created manually (Manage Plugin > Manage Repository).
  • WP Data Access uses plugin tables which are prefixed with $wpdb->prefix. If you change the WordPress database tables prefix after installing WP DAta Access, you’ll need to change the prefix of the WP Data Access table equally.
  • There is a limit on the file size for imports. The maximum file size depends on your installation. Read more…
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6 Replies to “Known limitations”

  1. Hi Peter,
    Is it possible when entering multiple child-records to clear the entry form after entering each child? Instead of leaving the screen, returning to the list and push the add new button again.
    kind regards

  2. Hi Mieke,

    Not sure if I understand your question correctly. The intended flow is as follows:
    – Click button Add New to insert a new child record
    – Enter child record
    – Save
    – Click button Back To List
    You need to repeat these steps if you want to add multiple child records.

    The reset button is to reset the form. Suppose you entered or changed some data and want to return to the old values, you click the reset button.

    If I understand your question correctly, you like the Add New button to be visible all the time? Is that right?

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Peter,

      Yes, to see the add new button all the time would be a good solution.
      I thought that by pressing the reset button after saving my new child record, I could enter the next new child record. Clearing the values = returning to the old situation and because it is add new, it would be logical to be able to enter a new cild record.

      kind regards

  3. Hi Mieke,

    The buttons “Add New” and “Add Existing” for child rows are always visible in the next version (2.7.0) which I hope to publish this week. I see now how this has a positive effect on data entry. 😉 Thank you for your feature request!

    Best regards,

  4. Hi Pawan,

    Sorry, but the plugin uses wildcards in queries. I added your request to my to do list. See if I can add a feature for exact searching. I let you know if when is available.

    Best regards,

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