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What’s new?

Version 3.0.0 (almost finished…)

  • Remote database connections available in all tools
  • Screen options available for all list tables (including parent-child pages)
  • Copy publication link added to Data Publisher
  • Audio and video column support (list tables and data en entry forms)
  • Text columns available as textarea element
  • Plugin settings moved to WordPress settings menu
  • Hide plugin menu (for developers)
  • Data Publisher now supporting all jQuery DataTable options, buttons and functions
  • Create registration page from Data Projects (without list tables or other actions)
  • Lookup queries on child column using parent filter
  • Filter (wpda_construct_where_clause) to add custom search behaviour (all tools)
  • Action hook (wpda_extend_simple_form) to add custom elements to data entry pages

Version 2.7.3 ( released December 18, 2019 )

  • Create and drop non WordPress databases from the WordPress dashboard
  • Table access control for non WordPress databases (plugin settings)
  • Connect to other databases from Data Projects
  • Connect to other databases from shortcode wpdadiehard
  • Added support for other databases to use table settings, WordPress media library columns and Data Menus
  • Added default WHERE and ORDER BY to Data Projects child tables (supports $$USER$$ and $$USERID$$)
  • Added support for simple and advanced table options (layout and behaviour) to Data Publisher


→ View the changelog to see all additions, fixes and changes

→ View the todo list to see what’s planned

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