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What’s new?

Shortcode wpdadiehard not working with WordPress 5.5

Dear plugin users,

WordPress 5.5 is scheduled to be released on August 11th. A test revealed that shortcode wpdadiehard does not work with the new WordPress version.

WP Data Access 3.5.0 is scheduled to be released on August 17th, which solves the shortcode problem. There is good news as well: ones you have WP Data Access 3.5.0 installed, the shortcode has less limitations.

Due to my holiday I cannot update WP Data Access earlier. Sorry for the inconvenience

Stay safe and have a great holiday,

Version 3.5.0 ( planned August 17, 2020 )

Version 3.1.5 ( released July 8, 2020 )

Version 3.1.3 ( released June 16, 2020 )

  • Disable hyperlinks on list tables (parent and/or child) in Data Projects

Version 3.1.0 ( released May 5, 2020 )

Version 3.0.3 ( released March 26, 2020 )

Version 3.0.2 (released March 10, 2020)

Version 3.0.0 (released January 30, 2020)

If you are already using the Data Publisher or shortcode wpdataaccess in previous versions and you have styled your tables, you might need to change your styling! Read more…

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5 Replies to “What’s new?”

  1. Currently have a database that I designed in microsoft access with a one to many relationship between two tables that tracks income, expenses, and documents related to a list of properties.

    I am struggling with the terminology and format in WP Data Access table design and relationships to get the tables and input forms to react the same way I have them in microsoft access. Is there a list of inputs / formats that can go in the data designer, explorer, projects with their expected outcomes? Or possibly an easier way to import the microsoft database format and data that I am missing. With the attachments associated with records it is just over 500MB.

  2. Hi Jay,

    It is not possible to convert an Access application to WP Data Access. You’ll need to migrate your database and application separately.

    Let’s start with the database. You can export your Access data to MySQL with this tool:
    Although this can be a simple task, it might be challenging in your case, depending on the way you’ve stored your documents. WordPress stores documents in the WordPress media library. WP Data Access does not support document storage in the database. It follows the WordPress philosophy. You’ll need to convert your documents if they are stored in your Access database.

    Migrating your Access application to WP Data Access is not possible. Sorry! You have to create a new app. Please be aware that WP Data Access forms do not react in the same way as Microsoft Access. Access runs as a desktop application, WP Data Access is limited to browser functionality. But I’m flattered by your comparison! 🙂

    A WP Data Access user from the US has implemented an Access application which synchronizes changes to a remote MySQL database. The MySQL database is available as a remote database in readonly mode from WP Data Access and used in the Data Publisher. Users are still maintaining their data in Access. Could this be an option for you? You can still use your data entry forms with the user interface you are used to, while you can publish your data with WP Data Access on your WordPress site as well.

    Best regards,

  3. Thank you very much for the feedback and the quick response. My primary goal is to be able to add receipts, documents, and records while on the job site from my phone. When I stick them in a box and save them till I get back to the office, I always get further behind than I plan :).

    Currently all of my attachments to records are PDF documents attached to the parent record as supporting documentation, then there are various child records in a second table itemizing everything . I can then quickly query the categories at the end of the year to print statements for tax purposes.

    The plug in really is well designed and seems to have a great deal of functionality, I believe the struggle is with my lack of experience in word press.

  4. Hi from Sweden!
    “A WP Data Access user from the US has implemented an Access application which synchronizes changes to a remote MySQL database.” is the VERY thing I’m looking for!
    I have a Membership MS Access DB with 200+ members in the main table. There are some lookup tables as well.
    Is this MS Access application in public domain? How can I get hold of it?
    Andrzej Klasén
    Retired VBA programmer

    1. Hi Andrzej,

      The MS Access app I mentioned is not available in the public domain. Sorry! The application uses personal data which is only available in the MS Access app, and synchronizes public data to MySQL. I’m not a MS Access developer, but from what I saw they are using ODBC connections to synchronize public data from views. Does this help?

      Best regards,

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