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Dear plugin user,

Version 2.6.0 has a lot of changes, although not always directly visible from the outside. Features have been moved or changed to improve the usability. Some users have complaint about the user friendliness. This version is first step to create more tranparency and improve the usability.

If you have used the Data Publisher or Data Projects before, please read the section about Table Settings. This is the new way to handle column media columns and data menus. It also allows you to define column labels in the Data Explorer (primarily only possible in Data Projects). Table settings defined in the Data Explorer are taken into account everywhere within the plugin.

Please be aware that the plugin is still in an early development stage. There are still a lot of work to do. Please be patient if your request was not yet taken into account. My to do list is online (see link below) which allows you to track your request.

Thank you for all your valuable feedback and feature requests!

Best regards,

Peter Schulz


→ View the changelog to see all additions, fixes and changes

→ View the todo list to see what’s planned


New features in version 2.6.0

  • Added table settings tab to Data Explorer
    • Added column label management to table settings (used in Data Explorer, Data Publisher and Data Projects)
    • Moved media column management to table settings
    • Moved Data Menus to table settings
  • Added foreign key tab to Data Explorer
  • Moved Data Backup to Data Explorer (button Schedule Exports (Data Backup))
  • Moved documentation to public website (you’re already there)
  • Fixed a number of bugs (see ChangeLog)


Thank you for your donations!

RL Sales, Charles

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