Add data management to web pages

Although I recommend to perform data and database administration tasks from the WordPress dashboard, the plugin allows real diehards to perform data administration tasks on web pages as well. The WordPress dashboard protects you from hackers, especially if you have taken the necessary precautions. Web pages do not have that kind of security by default. If you decide to offer data administration on your web pages you need to take the necessary steps to secure these pages. Please be aware that every user who visits your website can modify your table data if you give users anonymous access.
This is your own responsibility!


Use shortcode ‘wpdadiehard’

Use shortcode ‘wpdadiehard’ to add data management to your web pages. The video below demonstrates how. Help topic How to use shortcode ‘wpdadiehard’ gives you a overview of the shortcode parameters and their default values.


Know limitations

  • Data entry forms will return a 404 error for column names that interfere with WordPress parameters (like ‘name’).
  • Media items are not (yet) supported in data entry forms.
  • You cannot use shortcode ‘wpdadiehard’ if you have permalinks set to plain.
  • Shortcode ‘wpdadiehard’ cannot be used in a post.
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