How to use shortcode ‘wpdadiehard’

Use shortcode wpdadiehard to add data administration for a specific table to your web page.


You need to explicitly grant access to tables you want to show on your web pages! Tables will not be shown on your web pages without this step! Follow these steps to grant access to a table or view you allow users to add it’s content to your website:

  • From the menu click “WP Data Access” > “Manage Plugin”
  • Click on tab “Front-End Settings”
  • Click on the table or view your want to grant access to (multiple selections possible)
  • Save your front-end settings

Shortcode Parameters

You can use shortcode parameters in the following ways:

  • Use parameters project_id and page_id to show a Data Projects page
    • project_id (Data Projects -> Project ID)
    • page_id (Data Projects -> Page ID)
    • filter_field_name (table column name)
    • filter_field_value (table column value)
  • Use the following parameters to create a user defined data administration page
    • schema_name (use this to access tables located outside the WordPress database, default = “”)
    • table_name (name of the table on which you want to perform data administration tasks)
    • title (title for list table, not shown on data entry form)
    • subtitle (title for list table, not shown on data entry form)
    • show_view_link (“true” or “false”, default “true”)
    • allow_insert (“true” or “false”, default “false”)
    • allow_update (“true” or “false”, default “false”)
    • allow_delete (“true” or “false”, default “false”)
    • allow_import (“true” or “false”, default “false”)
    • bulk_actions_enabled (“true” or “false”, default “false”)
    • search_box_enabled (“true” or “false”, default “false”)
    • bulk_export_enabled (“true” or “false”, default “false”)
    • filter_field_name (table column name)
    • filter_field_value (table column value)


Use parameters filter_field_name and filter_field_value to set a filter. For example:

[wpdadiehard table_name="customers" filter_field_name="last_name" filter_field_value="Jones"]

This will show only customers with last_name = “Jones”.


CSS styling of this plugin feature might collapse with CSS styling of your theme. You might need to overwrite some theme CSS. You might not be able to use this feature with all themes.

Know limitations

  • Data entry forms will return a 404 error for column names that interfere with WordPress parameters (like ‘name’).
  • Media items are not (yet) supported in data entry forms.
  • You cannot use shortcode ‘wpdadiehard’ if you have permalinks set to plain.
  • Shortcode ‘wpdadiehard’ cannot be used in a post.
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