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Supported column types

Adding inline editing to a table column is as simple as enabling the “Edit” checkbox in table column settings (read just a little more). How inline editing for different column types is handled is explained here.

Text and numeric columns

These column types are handled as normal text and numeric columns. The input item contains an icon to save and an icon to revert changes (see images below). A numeric check is performed for numeric columns.

Date and time columns

Date and time columns can be entered using the date time picker which is available for data entry forms as well.


Like in plugin data entry forms, columns of data type tinyint(1) are converted to a checkbox, which provides a natural enable/disable user interface.


Columns of data type enum are converted to listboxes (see column Gender in example below). Columns of data type set are converted to multiselectable listboxes (see column Multilist in example below).

Lookups (Data Projects only)

When inline editing is enabled on a lookup column in a Data Project, the plugin automatically generates a listbox for the lookup column.


  • Inline editing is not available for tables that have no primary or unique key.
  • Inline editing is not supported for primary key columns. If a table has no primary key, this rule applies to the unique key which is being used for data manipulation.
  • Inline editing is not supported for WordPress media library columns.
  • Inline editing works on existing rows only. It cannot be used to add new rows to a table.
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