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Free version

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Navigate to the Plugins menu
  3. Click New plugin
  4. Search for plugin WP Data Access
  5. Click Install
  6. Click Activate
  7. Navigate to the WP Data Access menu

Premium version

  1. After purchasing you will receive two emails from freemius
  2. The first email will provide a link to download the plugin along with your license key
  3. Downloaded your premium zip file
  4. Login to your WordPress dashboard
  5. Navigate to the Plugins menu
  6. Click New plugin
  7. Click Upload plugin
  8. Upload your premium zip file
  9. Click Install
  10. Click Activate
  11. Enter your license key
  12. Navigate to the WP Data Access menu
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10 Replies to “Installation”

  1. Sorry for the late reply Mike!

    Yes, the plugin allows to connect to remote databases. You can create remote database connections from the Data Explorer main page (the + button after the databases drop down list).

  2. I am not allowed to enter a publish number its greyed out also the table names arent showing ?



    1. Hi Simon,

      You don’t need to enter en publication ID. The plugin generates one for you when you save your publication the first time.

      Before you can create a publication, you need to grant access to the tables you want to use in your publication. This is to ensure that users have only access to tables you have authorized. Please check out the video on this page on how to use tables in your publication:

      Best regards,

  3. Hey, Peter! Thanks for creating this plug-in. If I can get it working, I plan to upgrade, but so far, I haven’t been able to populate any of my data because after setting up table design files in the repository and select ‘create table,’ the resultant table shows up as a ‘base table’ on the Data Explorer page instead of as ‘WordPress table.’

    This didn’t alarm me on its own, but when I clicked ‘Explore’ on those new ‘base’ tables, I get this warning: “You are about to edit a table of an external application! Changing this table might result in corrupting the external database. Are you sure you want to continue?”

    I’d like to avoid corrupting any external databases, so I’m reaching out (extensive troubleshooting having failed me) to see if this is a quick fix or something more serious (and/or how much corruption risk I might actually create if I were to go ahead and create tables/repository I could use in another application).

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Julie,

      Good point! Let’s have a look at the definitions first:
      (1) a WordPress table is a table which is part of the WordPress installation
      (2) a plugin table is a table which is part of the plugin installation (I often call this a repository table as well)
      (3) all other tables are base tables

      Your table is a (3) which you can safely edit.

      When I started developing this plugin I had warning messages everywhere. Over time many messages disappeared as many plugin users experienced them as misleading. I realize now this is true for this message as well.

      You can disable this message in your plugin settings:
      – Settings > WP Data Access > Back-end
      – Ask for confirmation?
      > When starting export
      > When viewing non WPDA table

      You can safely disable both confirmation messages, and I’ll disable them be default in the next release. 😉

      Sorry for the misunderstandig and thanks for bringing this up! 🙂

      Have a nice weekend,

  4. Hi, Peter!

    I was just wondering if theres a place where I could download an older version that runs under PHP 5.6? The plugin is really great by the way!

    1. Hi James,

      You can download older versions from the WordPress plugin directory. Please go to:

      Click on link “Advanced View” and scroll down to section “PREVIOUS VERSIONS”. I think version 3.6.5 should work with WP 5.6, but does not contain all the version 4 features. You could also try some early version 4 releases.

      Hope this helps,

  5. Hi,

    I would like to know if the plugin supports postgresql? The remote database is on heroku. I get the error 2002.
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

    Beste regards.

    1. Hi Sandro,

      WP Data Access can only connect to a MariaDB/MySQL database. It is not possible to connect to PostgreSQL directly, but the plugin supports the MariaDB CONNECT engine, which allows heterogeous database connections (including PostgreSQL). I just finished a completely new feature “premium data services” which supports remote connections through a proxy server to PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle and of course MariaDB and MySQL. I just need to finish the documentation and tutorials. Hope to deploy before the end of the month (June 2022).

      Please be aware that the premium data service is available for premium users only, starting from version 5.2. Your ProgreSQL database will be accessible to all WP Data Access tools and can be accessed through custom PHP code. Although remote database connections have shown to be stable, we will start with a experimental phase of the premium data services with no uptime guarantees.

      Hope this helps!

      Best regards,

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