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This feature requires WP Data Access 5.2 or higher and a valid and active premium license.

Before you can start using WP Data Access premium data services, you have to enable the service on your WordPress server. The plugin is able to handle multiple premium data servers. Each server has to be enabled for your account separately, as each server needs to create its own remote database connection. If you run multiple servers, you have to repeat this step for each server.

Premium data server wpdafree.youniquedata.com is available for free for all premium users. You are not paying to use this server, but there are no uptime or resource gaurantees. You can use this server for non critical information provisioning and testing purposes. You can also use it as a gateway to transfer external data sources to your WordPress database.

Enabling the service

> A video tutorial is available here…

Start WP Data Access and press the Settings icon on the toolbar. Next click tab PDS.

Select server wpdafree.youniquedata.com and press the Submit button. A request will be send to our server. The server will check your account. If your account is valid and active and your WordPress server is on a public IP address, you will see a list containing all your servers on which your WP Data Access license is installed and active.

Select the IP addresses for which you want to enable premium data services. Please note that my development account allows me to use premium data service on public as well as local IP addresses. Your account supports premium data services on public IP addresses only.

Press the activation button to activate premium data services for all selected IP addresses. This will create a database account on the selected premium data server that accepts connections from selected IP addresses only. Please be aware that you can access your premium database only from listed IP addresses.

Some activities on our premium data server run unattended. If an error occurs, you can read it from your Data Explorer. Enter an email address if you want to receive the results of unattended action via email as well. You can change this setting any time.

Finally, you need to make the premium data services accessible. At this stage, the plugin adds the remote database connection to make it available on your WordPress server. If you have a multi domain license, the remote database connection needs to be added individually to each server.

Press the Enable on this server button. You can disable the remote connection any time. To prevent database access from specific IP addresses, just disable the IP address in the list and press the Update button.

Congratulations! Your premium data services is now ready to use. 🙂 Open your Data Explorer and select wpdafree.youniquedata.com from the database drop down list. You can now start to add remote database connections and remote data files from the connect icon.

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