Data Explorer (main page)

Use the Data Explorer on your WordPress dashboard to explore your WordPress database. The Data Explorer is an extention of WordPress class WP_List_Table. WordPress users who are familiar with these list tables will recognize the look and feel right away.

Manage tables and views from the Data Explorer main page (available from the Data Explorer menu). The following features are available:

  • Explore table or view (link to Data Explorer table page)
  • View table or view structure
  • Export table(s)
  • Import table(s)
  • Rename table or view
  • Copy table
  • Truncate table
  • Drop table or view
  • View table indexes
  • Drop index
  • View or copy SQL create table or view statement
  • Mark tables or views as favourites for quick access

WordPress tables are protected by default. For obvious reasons it’s not possible to drop, truncate or rename WordPress tables. Individual records of WordPress tables can be updated and deleted (see Data Adminstration). Access to individual tables and views can be limited under plugin settings as well.

Example: view table structure

Example: view indexes

Example: view or copy SQL

Example: table actions

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