Search form demo


Demonstrated features

  • custom search form
  • responsive table
  • default styling
  • custom button (premium)

Required skills

  • beginner

Required license

  • free

IDFirst NameLast NameEmailBirthdateAdded
IDFirst NameLast NameEmailBirthdateAdded

Advanced options to add custom button to return to search form:

    "wpda_buttons_custom": [
            "text": "New Search",
            "action": "function ( e, dt, node, config ) { window.location.href = '/publication-search-form-demo/' }"


  • A custom button was added to this data table to return to the search form. The custom button feature requires a premium license. Premium users can paste the code above into the advanced options field and enable buttons in the Extention Manager.
  • The custom button demonstrated above is not required for search forms. Free users can add a hyperlink or button above or below the table.

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