There are two types of exports/imports! Which one should I use?

Export table data

In the example below we have a table wp_customers. Use the search box to find the records you want to export. If not all records you want to export are visible, click on “Screen Options” (upper right corner of the page) and change “Number of items per page” accordingly. Select all records you want to export. Select “Export” from the “Bulk Actions” list and click “Apply”.

You can also export the whole table (including the create table script) at once from the Data Explorer main page.

Import table data

Click the import button on top of the screen. Select the file you to import and click “Import File”.

The import feature on a Data Explorer table page does only import data into the table displayed on the page. Any other statement than an insert into the table on the page will be rejected. Use the import feature of the Data Explorer main page to import any valid import file.

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