Data Forms project demo

This demo shows the Student Administration System (used in many tutorials) using Data Forms.

No need to change your Data Projects! Data Forms will turn them into fully responsive AngularJS apps without the need to make any changes on your side. Data Forms is a premium feature.

  • Module Administration
  • Course Administration
  • Teacher Administration
  • Student Administration
Module NameModule DescriptionModule Id
Module NameModule DescriptionModule Id

Shortcode arguments used for this demo

[wpdadataproject project_id="1"]

Shortcode [ wpdadataproject ] adds a menu item for each Data Projects page to your fully responsive AngularJS app. Switching between pages does not require any page loads.

This is a read-only demo. Access rights and styling are customizable (read more). Data Projects created with the free version are fully compatible with the premium version and can run in Data Forms without the need to make any modifications.