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Single Site

per year


per year

Unlimited Sites

per year


Forum support

Premium support

Data Explorer

Manage local and remote databases

Estimated row count support for large tables

Explore and manage table data

Execute SQL script files

Export to SQL, JSON, XML, CSV and Excel (unlimited size)

Import from SQL and CSV (upload limit = max size)

WordPress media library integration

Dynamic hyperlinks

WordPress role management integration

Unattended scheduled exports

Optimized to support large tables

Transfer data to another WordPress database

Data Publisher

Easy to create, highly customizable

Multiple CSS styling solutions

Support for responsive devices

Multiple filter strategies

Individual column search

Full-text search

Google like search (empty table on startup)

SHOW MORE button (no paging to support large tables)

Export to CSV, Excel, PDF, SQL, print and clipboard

Custom buttons (using custom JavaScript)

Advanced settings, including custom JavaScript code

Search Builder

Search Panes

Row grouping

Integrated geolocation support

Shortcode [ wpdataaccess ]


Google Maps integration

Map geolocation data to custom tables

Run batch updates

Built maps from custom tables

Add customizable markers

Use user location on map

Radius search (from user or specific position)

Shortcode [ wpdageomap ]

Data Projects

Auto generated list tables and data entry forms

Selectable features per table (insert, update, delete, export, import, and more)

Run as Data Forms app (AngularJS and jQuery DataTables)

Inline editing

Individual column search

Full-text search

Google like search (empty table on startup)

Manage access rights per page per role

WordPress role management integration

Manage filters and sorting

Shortcode [ wpdadiehard ]

Project Templates

Import table structures (reverse engineering)

Customize list tables and data entry forms

Manage filters and sorting for child tables

One-to-many and many-to-many relationships

Lookups (listbox and autocomplete)

Multiple filter strategies

Inline editing

Individual column search

Full-text search

Google like search (empty table on startup)

Table reconciliation

Add custom code

Data Forms

Shortcode [ wpdadataproject ] generates AngularJS app from Data Project

Shortcode [ wpdadataforms ] generates AngularJS app from Data Projects page

AngularJS app generated from Data Project + Project Templates

Supports all Data Projects features

Selectable jQuery UI styles

Custom styling = planned

Custom code support = planned

Query Builder

Execute any SQL command (DCL, DDL, DML, with credentials)

Work on multiple SQL commands simultaneously (using tabs)

Access local and remote databases

Write batches (multiple SQL commands, switch database, save data sets temporarily)

SQL commands can be saved and reused (per WordPress user account)

The Visual Query Builder is an interactive graphical user interface which helps users with no or little SQL knowledge to write queries

Protects WordPress table structures (no DROP, ALTER and TRUNCATE allowed - not configurable)

Protects WordPress table data (can be disabled for INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE)

Run scheduled SQL commands at regular intervals

Data Designer

Create and alter tables and indexes

Load table structures into Data Designer (reverse engineering)

Table reconciliation

Basic and advanced mode

Plugin Settings

Many customizable features

Repository backup and restore management