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Who is using WP Data Access?

Interstellar Research Group
Ontario Anchestors
ATS Academy
J M Teague Engineering and Planning
Canadian Headstones
Rutherford Global Logistics
Araber Pferde
Marine Corps League Semper Fidelis
Veterans Committee Canada
American Linehaul
Blessing in a Backpack

What People Are Saying

I’ve been using the Premium version of WP Data Access for over a year now. It’s used to manage a public directory of over 10,000 entries.

I’m thoroughly impressed by the power and simplicity of this plugin. It’s incredibly versatile, and the support provided by the developer is fantastic. WPDA does the jobs of several expensive plugins, and does them very well, for much less.

Peter is very responsive to inquiries, and extremely helpful when it comes providing solutions for every challenge I’ve been able to throw at him. I wish all plugin programmers were as passionate.

WPDA is constantly being improved and updated, and in just the past year I’ve seen the plugin grow considerably, often implementing new features and changes that I and others have requested or suggested.


This plugin is great. Can be a bit hard to figure out intuitively, but the videos and docs are great. I wanted a way to update a few tables from the WP admin interface – tired of going into phpMyAdmin and wanted non techie admins to be able to update data. This worked out perfect.

Support is awesome. The developer is really on top of things and answers questions quickly.


The only one in the market right now! Thank you so much Peter


Peter you are an absolute genius! I can’t tell you how excited I am to have found this plugin. It works like a charm. Thank you for all the work you’ve put into it and for sharing it. I can’t wait to see what will be included in future releases.


Nice work, keep it up and add other DB type (SQL Server/Azure) into the mix! Best CRUD Plugin (Free and Paid) I have tested and i have tested almost all. Even thinking of switching few of my existing paid tools to this plugin.


Great Plugin, nice support and continuous updates.


Thank you for sharing your work. I was looking for a friendly way to connect to some other plugin’s custom database tables and show subsets of data to users in WP admin when I came across this powerful tool. As a non-dev, I was able to do what I needed, and could (will…) do even more, as I just started to grasp the reach of WP Data Access. Tutorials are very thorough and support seems to be top notch. One can see that there is a lot of dedication to this project. Congratulations.


Been looking for something like this for years. Great support from Peter!


I reviewed some other free plugin’s to manage and display your own (database) data. This is the best I have seen. I is both easy to manage your database tables and relations, the content of the tables and display the data on your wordpress site!


I use it to edit/view custom tables/databases in the WordPress admin dashboard.


This is excellent software and well worth paying for the Pro version. Support is top notch as well.


WP Data Access is a simple yet powerful plugin which solves a problem I was trying to solve for months. It´s easy interface and excellent tutorials made me go through all my lacks of knowledge. Besides that, the service from Peter is awesome. I absolutely recommend.


This tool set offers features and methods familiar to those with database experience. We were able to set up significant data management in a short time. The progress on feature enhancement is very good. I look forward to expanding our utilization of this professional quality tool.


Excellent and reliable work and support even in the free version. This plugin is a must for working with your database, saving you precious time. Thank you Passionate Programmers for your work!


This is such a great plugin. I am shocked that it isn’t an expensive premium thing. The developers know exactly what they are doing. I no longer have to leave WP for DB work. It’s updated and easy to use. I can’t comment on the support because it really doesn’t need any.



Regular updates and continuous development of new free and premium features


Active websites

Plugin features



What’s New?

The App Builder – WP Data Access 5.5

WP Data Access 5.5.0 introduces the new App Builder. It offers a new way of building apps from your database tables. After updating to version 5.5.0, you will notice a new button on the top toolbar called "Apps". Click this button to access the new app builder...

The New Data Explorer – WP Data Access 5.4.0

WPDA 5.4.0 will introduce a complete new Data Explorer interface. In this post, we'll show you the parts that are new and how you can start experimenting using the new UI. Later on, we'll also discuss when and how these changes will affect your projects. Switching to...

Global Search & Replace

A new feature was added to perform global search and replace actions on multiple databases and tables. The new feature can be accessed from the new Search & Replace icon (see image below) in the menu bar of the Data Explorer and is available for all users (free...

Copy/export large tables

When a table is copied or exported, the plugin needs to read and write all table rows. For large tables this might result in a fatal error:Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 4096 bytes)One way to solve this issue is to...

Copy table to other DB

A new feature was added to the Data Explorer, which allows users to copy a table to another local or remote database. The current database is selected by default. It is still possible to copy the table with or without data.Copying large tablesThe query buffer size,...

Hide Data Explorer Manage link

Restrict table management is a new option available in plugin back-end settings. It allows organizations to remove the Manage link in the Data Explorer for specific admin users. See image below (click to enlarge).Many plugins require WordPress users to have the...

Data Tables CSS changed

Icon color greenThe Data Tables library file structure has changed in version 5.1.1. If you are using one of the Code Manager styles (or copied the styles into your WordPress theme), the responsive icons will be shown in its original green color instead of the color...

Repository backup and restore management

WP Data Access creates a backup of all your repository tables each time the plugin is updated (unless disabled). This mechanism was added to prevent plugin users losing their repository data during an update failure. It has now been extended to allow plugin users to...

Improved performance for large tables

Tables are using pagination by default. Although pagination improves the user experience, it slows down performance, especially for large tables. Pagination requires counting: All table rows All matching table rows The pagination features were optimized in version 4.2...

Added freemius library to WP Data Access plugin

Starting from version 3.5.0, WP Data Access uses the freemius library to bring the plugin to the next level…What is freemius?New WP Data Access releases will be available in two version: a free version and a premium version. Freemius is a tool that helps to maintain...


We value your feedback, as we work hard to improve both our products and our services to you

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How does the free trial work?

The 14 days free trial contains all premium features, except the remote connection wizard. You can activate your trial period from your WordPress dashboard.

How often do you release?

We are constantly improving and extending the plugin. We work in two week increments, which determines our basic delivery flow. For larger updates it can take up to three or four weeks or more.

How can I order?

A premium license can be ordered directly from your WordPress dashboard or from the online order page. In both cases you are redirected to the freemius checkout. Freemius is our selling and licensing partner.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your license at any time. Your license remains valid until it expires. Your premium features will stop working after expiration.

Can I transfer my license?

You can transfer your license to another domain any time. Please login to your freemius account to remove your old domain. Then activate your account on your new domain following the normal installation procedure.

What if I get stuck?

Please check the support forum before you ask for help. If the forum does not provide any useful help, post your question on the forum or use the contact form. Premium users can also use the premium support link from the dashboard.