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How does the free trial work?

The 14 days free trial contains all premium features, except the remote connection wizard. You can activate your trial period from your WordPress dashboard.

How often do you release?

We are constantly improving and extending the plugin. We work in two week increments, which determines our basic delivery flow. For larger updates it can take up to three or four weeks or more.

How can I order?

A premium license can be ordered directly from your WordPress dashboard or from the online order page. In both cases you are redirected to the freemius checkout. Freemius is our selling and licensing partner.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your license at any time. Your license remains valid until it expires. Your premium features will stop working after expiration.

Can I transfer my license?

You can transfer your license to another domain any time. Please login to your freemius account to remove your old domain. Then activate your account on your new domain following the normal installation procedure.

What if I get stuck?

Please check the support forum before you ask for help. If the forum does not provide any useful help, post your question on the forum or use the contact form. Premium users can also use the premium support link from the dashboard.