School Administration System


The School Administration System demo is no longer deployed with the plugin code. You can download the ZIP file from here and import it into your WP Data Access installation.


After downloading the ZIP file:

  • Start the Data Explorer
  • Click button “Imports and scripts”
  • Upload the ZIP file
  • Click button “Import file/Execute script”

To run the demo project:

  • Start Data Projects
  • Edit the Student Administration System project
  • Enable “Add To Menu”
  • Save your Student Administration System project
  • Refresh your page

The Student Administration System is now accessible from your dashboard menu.

No copyright

You are free to use the Student Administration System project as a headstart. There is no copyright. Please customize it according to your needs.

7 Replies to “School Administration System”

  1. Hi,
    I want to use this demo in a real student admin system but need to modify (add) new columns for different tables (E.g. wpda_sas_student) I tried to use “designer” to add a new column and it was saved successfully in “Designer” page but when I go to the “Template” page and check wpda_sas_student, it is not updated. Also, I don’t see any change in “Student Administration” Page. Can you show me how to add new columns on different tables in the template?


    1. Good question Sunny!

      When you change a table in the designer, it just changes the design. Not the physical table. To modify the physical table you need to explicitly click the “ALTER TABLE” button. When you see the colors disappear in the Data Designer, your column was successfully updated. You can use the Data Explorer to check.

      After changing the physical table, you need to update your templates to reflect the changes in your Data Project:
      – Open the Project Templates page
      – Edit the template that uses the modified table
      – Click tab Reconcile
      – Enable “Keep options?” (IMPORTANT!!! Needed to keep the settings of all unchanged columns, like labels, defaults, etc)
      – Click “Reconcile Table”

      If your new column is used in multiple templates, you need to repeat this for each template.

      Great you’re using the demo project! 🙂 Let me know if you need help.

      Good luck,

      1. Hi Peter,
        Thanks very much for your help! It works after following your steps.
        I am sure I will have lot of questions to make it customized for my organization use. Should I continue to leave my questions here or is there a better to contact you?


        1. Hi Sunny,

          Good you fixed it! 🙂 You can use the website, the forum or the contact form. The choice is yours. If you need to exchange sensitive info, it is better to use the contact form. In other cases using the website or forum might help other users as well.

          Thanks for asking,

          1. Hi Peter,
            Thanks. I sent you another question using Contact Form. Did you receive it?


  2. hello, I like buy this plugin, but before, please i need test the system
    Can you send me link to download the school system creating script.

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