Data Publisher dynamic hyperlinks

Dynamic hyperlinks are programmable hyperlinks which can be added to a table in the Data Explorer and used in the Data Publisher. Column values can be used in dynamic hyperlinks to create row specific hyperlinks eliminating the need to store a static hyperlink for each row. Click on the icons in the publication below to see dynamic hyperlinks in action and see how column values are used in these links. Dynamic hyperlinks is a free plugin feature.

Current active styles
  • WP-Data-Access-Data-Publisher-Color-Black
  • WP-Data-Access-Data-Publisher-Display-Wide
  • WP-Data-Access-Data-Publisher-Rounded-Corners-Small

Or watch the video tutorial for detailed step by step instructions...

Publication Layout Panel
ActionsNameImageIn StockDescription
ActionsNameImageIn StockDescription

Shortcode arguments used for this demo

[wpdataaccess pub_id="5"]

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