Data Publisher show more button demo

The SHOW MORE button disables pagination. This elimates two count statements, which can make publications much faster, especially with large tables. The SHOW MORE button feature is part of the free version.

Current active styles
  • WP-Data-Access-Data-Publisher-Color-Boyz
  • WP-Data-Access-Data-Publisher-Display-Wide
  • WP-Data-Access-Data-Publisher-Rounded-Corners-Small

Or watch the video tutorial for detailed step by step instructions...

Publication Layout Panel
IDFirst NameLast NameEmailBirthdateAdded
IDFirst NameLast NameEmailBirthdateAdded

Shortcode arguments used for this demo

[wpdataaccess pub_id="1"]

Enable SHOW MORE button

The plugin adds pagination to publications by default. To switch from pagination to the SHOW MORE button:

  • Disable checbox “Allows paging?” in your publication
  • Add the following option to Table options (advanced):
{ "serverSide": true } 

Change info message

The plugin adds a default info message to the bottom of the table like:
10 rows selected…

Add the following option to table options advanced to change this info message:
“wpda_search_more_info”: “_END_ rows selected…”
Please enter your own text. The following tokens are supported: _START_ _END_ _MAX_ _TOTAL_

For InnoDB tables and views with an estimated row count higher than your actual Max row count, the info message shows a -1 value for the total number of rows. Change the Row count in Table Settings to Show estimated row count to force the plugin to use the estimated row count. Read more…

Be careful

With checkbox “Allow paging?” disabled, the plugin loads the whole table at once by default. For large tables this might result in an error. Make sure Table options (advanced) contains the option mentioned above for large tables before you test!