Data Explorer

The Data Explorer allows plugin users to perform data and database related tasks directly from the WordPress dashboard. Tables, columns, indexes and foreign keys can be viewed inline. Common DDL actions, SQL and CSV imports, as well as table and row exports in several formats are available on mouse click. Table data can be viewed and managed from list tables and user friendly data entry forms. Many settings can be managed from the Data Explorer to customize table and view management.

More complex features are available for experienced developers, like remote database access and executing SQL scripts. Remote database access is supported by all features.

Data Publisher

The Data Publisher allows plugin users to create responsive tables from local and remote databases. Publications can be created with just a few mouse clicks. Customizable styles are available for download for free. Demos and videos are available to help new and experienced users getting their publications up and running. The Data Publisher supports client side processing for small tables and server side processing for large tables (several use cases with over two million rows). Advanced options and javscript support is available for more experienced developers.

Data Projects

Manage your local and remote data with Data Projects. Supports many features like parent-child relationships, lookups, autocomplete, many customizable options and access rights per page supporting WordPress roles. Projects can be executed from the dashboard or a web page using a shortcode. Data Forms is a premium feature which allows plugin users to turn their Data Projects into fully responsive AngularJS apps without the need to make any modifications to their projects. Data Projects is optimized to work with large tables.

Data Designer

Use the Data Designer to create your own tables and indexes. Or load existing tables into the Data Designer with reverse engineering. Works with local and remote databases (make sure you have to necessary credentials). Use the Data Explorer to execute your own sql scripts (button Import data/Execute script(s)) if you are an experience database developer.


Publications and projects created directly from a shortcode is still supported for backward compatibility. This is an old feature with many limitations. Please update your shortcodes and use the Data Publisher for your publications and Data Projects for data management.



Here are some external tutorials that might help to get a better understanding of databases.



jQuery DataTables

WP Data Access uses jQuery DataTables for publications and Data Forms. Some table options can be managed interactively, many other options are available through customizable JSON. A link is provided to a reference showing all available options.


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  1. This plugin is really great! Is it possible to just show a form instead of a data table/ grid in a page? We are building a members only site and we want to store a lot of member information that we want members to fill up by themselves.

  2. Hi
    Is this possible to create a user data API that includes following
    Users can CRUD data to a table with user-specific API key
    Like Thingspeak

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