Data Publisher

The Data Publisher allows plugin users to create responsive tables from local and remote databases. Publications can be created with just a few mouse clicks. Customizable styles are available for download for free. Demos and videos are available to help new and experienced users getting their publications up and running. The Data Publisher supports client side processing for small tables and server side processing for large tables (several use cases with over two million rows). Advanced options and javscript support is available for more experienced developers.


With geolocation your users can search places stored in a database table. The users position or a fixed position can be used to search within a range. An interactive map allows your users to change the range from a dropdown list. The plugin needs a Google Maps API to retrieve the geolocation information and stores this information in a database table for fast access.

Data Projects

Manage your local and remote data with Data Projects. Supports many features like parent-child relationships, lookups, autocomplete, many customizable options and access rights per page supporting WordPress roles. Projects can be executed from the dashboard or a web page using a shortcode. Data Forms is a premium feature which allows plugin users to turn their Data Projects into fully responsive AngularJS apps without the need to make any modifications to their projects. Data Projects is optimized to work with large tables.

Data Forms

Data Forms turns your Data Projects into state of the art responsive data apps. It uses jQuery DataTable with server side processing to handle large amounts of data. Data entry forms are generated using AngularJS. Existing Data Projects can be executed as Data Forms apps without the need to make any changes to projects.


Publications and projects created directly from a shortcode is still supported for backward compatibility. This is an old feature with many limitations. Please update your shortcodes and use the Data Publisher for your publications and Data Projects for data management.


6 Replies to “Demos”

  1. I’ve got the WP Data Access plugin installed, and I’ve managed to create a table and display the shortcode so that it shows on the test sample page. However, how do I get data into those tables? I have a lot of data in many different excel spreadsheets. So I was looking at a way to potentially take the data from excel and import it into these WP data access tables, or at least manually enter it in. What I am trying to do is essentially have a portal where our employees can collaborate more efficiently to update company records/site addresses/internet service provider accounts, etc.

  2. Hi Peter,

    i want to build a database for marketing, so i need some sums for columns after a search. For example: 34.000 people over 50 in Lyon, 345.000 in Paris and so on. Is it possible with a trick – or must i do an export to CSV for Excel to count?

    I need a plugin like yours to generate several reports.

    Thank you in advance.

    Rgds. Jaques

    1. Hi Jaques,

      I am actually working on an update which supports row grouping. Not sure if this fits your needs, but here is a demo:

      This demo uses client side processing which first loads all the data into the browser and allows the user to search and reorder afterward. This is what you need. Please be aware that loading all your table data into the browser is not possible if your table contains – for example – a million rows. For large tables you’ll need the server-side solutions:
      The server side solution however does not support reordering after the page load.

      This feature is new. Is is not yet available in the current release. I hope to update asap…


    1. Looks like a bug Alessandro. It works with format Y-m-d. It does not work with your format. I need to investigate this issue and hope to fix it with the next update. Can you temporarily switch to format Y-m-d?


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