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Data Tables

Data Tables is a table builder that allows plugin users to create responsive data tables from local and remote databases with just a few mouse clicks. Many styling features are available for free and premium users. Demos and videos are available to help new and experienced users get their data tables up and running in just minutes. Client-side processing is supported for small tables to allow quick local filtering and sorting in the browser. Server-side processing is available to make large tables available to front-end users (several use cases with over two million rows). Advanced options and javascript support are available for more experienced developers.

Data Apps

Data Projects is a tool that allows plugin users to build data management pages for back-end and front-end usage. Projects are table based. Pages are generated on the fly. Database constraints and triggers are integrated automatically. Transaction levels can be added using WordPress roles.


With geolocation your users can search places stored in a database table. The users position or a fixed position can be used to search within a range. An interactive map allows your users to change the range from a dropdown list. The plugin needs a Google Maps API to retrieve the geolocation information and stores this information in a database table for fast access.


Charts can be added to dashboards and webpages. It is also possible to embed charts on external web pages. 


  1. John Schroeder

    I’ve got the WP Data Access plugin installed, and I’ve managed to create a table and display the shortcode so that it shows on the test sample page. However, how do I get data into those tables? I have a lot of data in many different excel spreadsheets. So I was looking at a way to potentially take the data from excel and import it into these WP data access tables, or at least manually enter it in. What I am trying to do is essentially have a portal where our employees can collaborate more efficiently to update company records/site addresses/internet service provider accounts, etc.

    • Peter Schulz

      Hi John,

      You can export your Excel data to CSV (save as) and use the plugin to import your CSV data into your database table. The CSV import is available from the Data Explorer main page. Here is a link to a tutorial for CSV imports:

      Hope this helps,

  2. Jaques

    Hi Peter,

    i want to build a database for marketing, so i need some sums for columns after a search. For example: 34.000 people over 50 in Lyon, 345.000 in Paris and so on. Is it possible with a trick – or must i do an export to CSV for Excel to count?

    I need a plugin like yours to generate several reports.

    Thank you in advance.

    Rgds. Jaques

    • Peter Schulz

      Hi Jaques,

      I am actually working on an update which supports row grouping. Not sure if this fits your needs, but here is a demo:

      This demo uses client side processing which first loads all the data into the browser and allows the user to search and reorder afterward. This is what you need. Please be aware that loading all your table data into the browser is not possible if your table contains – for example – a million rows. For large tables you’ll need the server-side solutions:
      The server side solution however does not support reordering after the page load.

      This feature is new. Is is not yet available in the current release. I hope to update asap…


  3. Alessandro Resch

    How are ancient dates managed (eg 01/01/1500)?
    The date time picker changes the dates to (30/11 / -0001 00:00).

    • Peter Schulz

      Looks like a bug Alessandro. It works with format Y-m-d. It does not work with your format. I need to investigate this issue and hope to fix it with the next update. Can you temporarily switch to format Y-m-d?


  4. Kaushik

    very useful demos. Please suggest how we can have a dropdown list for data entry through the “project templates” design. Thanks

    • Peter Schulz

      Good point! Never realized this was missing…

      There are three ways to add a dropdown list:
      (1) Add a lookup
      (2) Use data type enum
      (3) User data type set

      (1) A lookup of type listbox will automatically add a dropdown list. This is explained here:
      Please follow the links for more info. If your lookup table contains a large number of rows I advice to use the autocomplete instead of the listbox. This increases performance.

      (2) The plugin also automatically adds a dropdown list for columns of data type enum.

      (3) Like enum the plugin automatically adds a dropdown list for columns of data type set. The difference is that a set allows users to select multiple values. The first two options do not support multiple selections.

      The first option is a dynamic option. When you add a record to the lookup table it will show up in the dropdown list. The second and third options are static option. Values are stored in the table definition. To change the list, you need to change your table definition.

      We are currently working on a completely new website which we hope to launch next week or the week after. I will add a new page to the documentation covering this issue. I see the need!

      Merry Christmas

  5. Rodrigo Terrés

    Hi. Im trying to display some essays captured in a table, then those essays must be graded by a 6 different moderators. the grades must be recorded in the same table, in a respective moderator column. Once I show the essays now I need an empty field in order to be filled by the moderators. Is there a functionality do do that? The grades are numbers from 1 to 5 in 6 different rubrics. hope you can help, thank you!

  6. Rodrigo Terrés

    Hi Again.. just trying to be more accurate, in this link

    I set the screem the imagine of how I need to show the data. There should be more fields on the screen but just made this for the example. So once the moderators enter with the proper access keys, then they sould put the grades on the 10 classes on the dropdown boxes, then make the sum and send the total to the general Table. Once they send the grade then keep navigating through the rest of the works and do the same. One plus could be the recording session, where the moderator could enter one day and grade 20 Works, and next day could enter and get right to the las work he left graded. Hope I explained myself. thank you!!!

    • Peter Schulz

      Hi Rodrigo,

      For such a data entry page you need to create a grade table that holds all the different grades and create a project page for it. When the moderator presses the edit link for a specific student, all grades can be entered. Enum columns and lookups will be converted to drop down lists automatically.

      But there is no standard feature to add a summary field. You’ll need to add custom code using the wpda_before_simple_form and wpda_after_simple_form filters as explained here:

      Best regards,

  7. Rodrigo Terrés

    Ok thank you Pete, for all orientation, just one detail I left. The categories must be showed just in the form but actually I don’t need to save the grade of each separately, just the sum of all as the final grade to save in the table. Just need to arrange the drop downs to make the sum on the form, and save that grade in the respective field of each work in order to have just one table and make it easier to manage.

    Please, sorry if I don’t explain myself good.!

    Thank you Pete!

  8. Frank Camarillo

    Will this plugin allow me to connect to Azure SQL Database?

    • Kim Leong

      Hi Frank, you can connect to any remote SQL database, just make sure all the prerequisites are honored. Please explore here: Remote Connections

      Please keep in mind that your hosting provider needs to allow port connections in order for the plugin to reach your remote database.

      Hope that helps! Feel free to message us via our contact form if you have more questions.

  9. Daryl Meese

    Can I display a field as a checkbox, making it a boolean, so that users can simply check or uncheck the box to change the value?


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