Data Project demo


Demonstrated features

  • Data Projects
  • Project Templates
  • default styling

Required skills

  • beginner

Required license

  • free
This demo shows the student page of the Student Administration System (used in many tutorials) using shortcode [ wpdadiehard ].

Student Administration

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Firstname Lastname Gender Zipcode City Email Phone
James Buttmale70116New Orleansjbutt@gmail.com5048451427
Josephine Darakjyfemale48116Brightonjosephine_darakjy@darakjy.org8102929388
Art Veneremale08014Bridgeportart@venere.org8566368749
Lenna Paprockifemale99501Anchoragelpaprocki@hotmail.com9073854412
Donette Follerfemale45011Hamiltondonette.foller@cox.net5135701893
Simona Morascafemale44805Ashlandsimona@morasca.com4195032484
Mitsue Tollnermale60632Chicagomitsue_tollner@yahoo.com7735736914
Leota Dilliardfemale95111San Joseleota@hotmail.com4087523500
Sage Wiesermale57105Sioux Fallssage_wieser@cox.net6054142147
Kris Marriermale21224Baltimorekris@gmail.com4106558723
Firstname Lastname Gender Zipcode City Email Phone
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Shortcode arguments used for this (read-only) demo:

[wpdadiehard project_id="1" page_id="7"]


  1. Access rights and styling are customizable
  2. Shortcode [ wpdadiehard ] has a number of limitations


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